Frequently Asked Questions




Where are you located?

You can reach your assistant (as you are comfortable with) through Mail/G-Chat/Phone. Our assistants are available for all these communication method.

How do you charge?

We charge on Hourly Basis, please look at our Pricing Plans here: https://designingmasters.com/pricing/

What are the advantages of hiring a VA?

You get access to a whole team of experts in the field of Digital Marketing, Website Development, Mobile App Development, Research and Analytics, Sales and Customer Support, by hiring a VA.

What are the modes/means by which I can contact/communicate with my assistant?

You can reach your assistant (as you are comfortable with) through Mail/G-Chat/Phone. Our assistants are available for all these communication method.

How can I track my Usage?

You can ask for daily/weekly/monthly report of your usage from your assistant as per your convenience. We are also in the process of finalizing a client portal where all our clients can check the task/usage details live.

Will I get a chance to select my assistant?

Yes, you can interview and select your own VA.

Whom do I interact with every time? Will it be the same person or different persons?

You will have a single point of contact. However, there might be some instances where your primary assistant is not available due to some personal reason, for that we will provide you back-up who will take care of tasks to cover up your assistant’s absence.

Can I change my assistant in the middle? How does the process work?

Yes, you can easily change your assistant. Just drop a mail to the team manager with the appropriate subject and reason.

How do you ensure the quality of the work performed by the assistant?

To maintain highest levels of quality, we have an internal quality team. This team is specifically set up for ensuring the quality of the work done by the assistant. They analyze the work done by the assistant threadbare and ensure that we meet stringent quality measures.

What are the security measures employed to protect my data?

We employ stringent measures to protect your data. We do not sell your personal information to any third party marketers. Hence, you can be assured about the safety of your personal information. At no point will we ask your social security number for signing up for our services. Apart from the aforementioned measures, we also have the following measures:

Password protected servers with limited access

Credit card information limited to supervisory personnel only

Background checks before hiring the assistants

Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements

No external storage devices

Screening of employees

Hack proof servers

No Work from Home option

What is my billing cycle? When do I receive my invoices?

Your billing cycle would be 30 days from the start of service. Every 31st day you will have to renew your membership. Invoice will be sent to you at the end of 30th day of your membership.

Do you charge me to train my assistant?

We do understand that the assistant needs to be trained on certain aspects / processes of your business. Hence, we do not charge you for most of the cases. However, if you wish to train the assistant for longer durations and continuously, we will charge you.

What is the procedure to cancel/change my plan?

Notice Period: If you wish to cancel / change your plan, you need to give a notice of 7 days. Procedure: If you wish to cancel / change plan / want a different assistant, you can send an email to your assistant’s supervisor. We will then contact you immediately to do the necessary changes.

What time Zones do you serve?

We are currently serving EST time zone from 8:30am to 5:30pm. We are in the process of exploring other time zones, will keep you posted as and when we start.